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Service Selling

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Service Selling Definition

1Service selling enables targeted, service and customer orientedĀ development of the customer potential (pre-existent in the market).
It is important to understand the customer needs and find an optimal way to match their needs to offers, ideally consisting of standardized service modules.
Providing the right market performance is the foundation, but by no means a guarantee for success. Service selling requires a powerful organization to establish a successful market output with the customers.

2Business Value
  • Strong and efficient sales organization
  • Services sold by you meet customer needs and your own defined goals in the most optimal way
  • Significantly reduce expenses for the preparation of offers and estimates thanks to integrated data base and continuous transparency in the service catalog
  • Increase your profitability through a clear image and a more efficient management of customer contracts
3TSG Contribution
  • Support to establish an organization account
  • Implementation of brand-compliant services in the service catalog in the sales organization
  • Support and optimization of the entire process of creating customer proposals
  • Establishing the necessary conditions for an effective and efficient service sales organization (processes, methods and tools)