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Strategic Sourcing

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Strategic Sourcing Definition

1Strategic Sourcing is a structured process of integrated task analysis based on which the make-or-buy decision is made on future procurement of services in an effective and efficient way.
Companies strive daily to reduce their procurement costs. A key enabler for reducing procurement costs and achieving further competitive advantages – such as quality improvement, access to leading edge technology, ensuring high service availability – is the use of Strategic Sourcing.
The sourcing process ranges from the development of the sourcing strategy to selecting the suppliers and to the transition.

2Business Value


  • Create the basis for increasing returns through appropriate make-or-buy decisions by:
    • purposefully purchasing commodities services
    • focusing on the value-added processes
  • Increase competitiveness through:
    • cost reduction through enterprise-wide purchase and targeted selection of strategic partners
    • quality improvement
    • access to leading edge technologies
3TSG Contribution


  • Preparation of an actual situation
  • Differentiation of services
  • Development of sourcing scenarios
  • Specifications for supplier selection
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Support and assistance during the transition phase