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Service Mgmt

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Service Management Definition

1Service Management ensures that customer expectations are met while the services are provided at a competitive price (cost/performance ratio). This is achieved through the ongoing optimization of the organization, processes and infrastructure and tools.
The processes for the effective delivery of services are consistently adjusted to the services offered; the important condition for it is to create the necessary transparency.
The Service Management function allows creating an orderly and structured organization and sequence between service delivery and the customer and ensures an early detection of errors and faults in the provision of agreed services in order to immediately take necessary measures.
It begins with the market analysis compared to the existing proprietary offer. Based on these findings, the future optimal service portfolio is determined and implemented in detail.

2Business Value
  • Streamline and reduce service delivery costs through serious planning and monitoring principles
  • Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through customer oriented interface between the customer and the service provision
  • Increase competitiveness through transparent and easy mapping of service level and price
  • Receive a high degree of flexibility in adapting to new customer requirements


3TSG Contribution
TSG supports you in creating an efficient and customer-oriented platform between customers and service providers:

  • Adaptation and securing the service structure in the service delivery
  • Establishing the organization, processes and tools for partnership maintenance, performance and cost monitoring, reporting, billing and need for change