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Service Engineering

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Service Engineering Definition

1Service Engineering is the systematic development and design of service products (services) using the appropriate process models, methods and tools.
Service Engineering involves all activities along the life cycle of a service: From conception, through development, to successful implementation and use by the customer, taking into account the strategic and organizational design factors.
It begins with the market analysis compared to the existing proprietary offer. Based on these findings, the future optimal service portfolio is determined and implemented in detail.

2Business Value

As a service provider you will have the necessary foundation to succeed in today’s competition:

  • Fast response to market changes, thanks to a transparent, structured and market compliant service portfolio
  • Competitive production cost estimates thanks to transparent and variable cost drivers in the service catalog
  • Increased efficiency through automatic comparison of quality and service


3TSG Contribution

TSG supports you throughout the entire service engineering process:

  • Market and business analysis in regard to provided services
  • Benchmarking and pricing of service packages
  • Product portfolio development
  • Identification and definition of services and creation of e-service catalog
  • Definition of the service life cycle concept in terms of processes, resources, methods and tools, and the future operating model