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Outsourcing moves to Cloud Sourcing

TSG takes companies from Outsourcing to Cloud Sourcing

Consultative and advisory services of cloud-driven Business & IT Services have already shown considerable adoption levels as enterprises are consistently evaluating and analyzing the impact the cloud within their organizations. Similar to previous Technology triggers, consultants and system integrators often experience a spike in demand when there is a great deal of hype in the market. Also, cloud-enabled outsourcing offerings are still maturing, and many of the Business & IT Services providers have not yet fully marketed and priced their offerings. The market potential is so significant that all the larger vendors are feverishly developing and piloting offerings with early adopter clients.

Given that all areas of Outsourcing can potentially be cloud-enabled and that service providers can also have service aggregator offerings, the outlook for growth is significant. Due to the hybrid nature of combining new and old styles of services, it will be difficult to directly quantify all the growth. A clear trend is that an overwhelming number (estimated to exceed 60%) of small and large enterprises will evaluate and pilot some type of cloud-enabled outsourcing offerings within the next 18 months.

A major shift in the way companies are implementing the Sourcing Model is maturing. TSG is preparing those clients with the implementation of Service Life Cycle Management, which will enable both sites of the IT Service Delivery Chain, either to deliver cloud services as a provider or to manage them as a customer.