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Service Catalog Service Configurator Service Metering Service Kiosk
  • Build your own ICT & BPO Services
  • Calculate Automated Service Pricing
  • ICT Resource Planning for Headcount and Assets
  • Generate Automated Reports for SLA’s and RFP’s
  • Build Business Cases, EBIT, NPV, EVA of Manged Services
  • Automated Demand Managment, Customer
  • Automated Supply Management
  • Create Customized Services
  • Create Business Services
  • Create Application Services
  • Create Infrastructure Servies
  • Create Connectivity Services
  • ICT & BPO Service Catalog Creation
  • ICT & BPO Service Catalog Design
  • ICT & BPO Service Catalog Built
  • ICT & BPO Service Catalog Operate
  • Front End Self Service Portal Solutions
    • For Service Providers
    • For Multinational Companies
    • For Retailers