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SLT Service & Lifecycle Management Tool



In order to ease the pain of a client’s cloud transformation process, our SLT Platform enables transparency and reduces complexity while reducing cost. With the Configuration Tool, clients can configure even highly complex services and the unique Service Catalog, with over 10’000 predefined items, enables benchmarking of individually selected services. The Monitoring Tool allows for comprehensive analytics and management reporting.

Also, automatically generating and forwarding SLA’s to potential service providers has finally become reality.

Get ready for the most advanced cooperation models.

  • CoSourcing Model
  • Shared Risk & Reward Model
  • Service Brokerage
CoSourcing Model

Improve Business Performance: The CoSourcing Model – orignally invented by EDS (now an HP Company) – is a collaborative value-enhanced, strategic business service.

  • Partnership Model
  • Value based
  • Collaborative
  • Share Benefits
Shared Risk & Reward Model

Save time and money. All activities are based on achievements. Payments are linked to KPI’s, which can be measured for each phase of an engagement :

  • Save on Cost of Service
  • Save on Unit Cost Price
  • Save on Operation Spending
  • Save on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Accelerate Time to Operate
  • Increase Quality of Service
  • Increase the Cost/Income ratio
  • Increase EBIT Margin
  • Increase NPV
Service Brokerage

Become your own Broker for ICT & BPO Services with our highly automated Service Brokerage platform offering:

  • IT Connectivity Services
  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • IT Application Services
  • IT Business Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Finance & Accounting Services
  • HR Services

You get a complete Service Catalog and can implement even the most sophisticated Sourcing Services, including Cost Models and Sourcing Business Cases.